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Since 1998 the Journal of Catalan Studies has been the only academic journal dedicated entirely to the promotion of Catalan Language and Culture via a totally electronic mode of publication. The journal reflects its commitment to all areas of Catalan Studies with a wide range of articles divided into three major sections: Contemporary Literature and Society; Language, Translation and Bibliography; and Performing and Visual Arts.


The Editors are committed to the widest dissemination for material published by the journal and, as well as publishing on-line, they will continue to explore possibilities for the occasional publication of the contents of the journal with traditional presses. The pdf format employed means that articles published look like their conventionally printed counterparts and can be referenced like them, with download and printing also facilitated.

Contributors are eagerly invited to submit their work with a view to publication. Articles submitted to the journal will continue to be welcome in any language although the preferred media of the review are Catalan and English.

In order to submit an article or review to JOCS, you must first create an account. If you already have one, you can access the article/review submission section here.

JOCS current issue follows below. You can view our previous issues in the archives section. For issues published before 2016 please follow this link

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Vol. 1 No. 24 (2023): Journal of Catalan Studies Volume I No. 24
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